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Keyword Breaker is a set of PREMIUM reports that will show you the top keywords in your niche, what real people are asking, and what interesting facts they share! Everything is ready out of the box, no need to buy tools, pay for monthly subscriptions, or waste precious time!

The Niche Key Players Report

Our key players report will show you the websites that are the most successful in your niche. These are the websites that manage to come to Google page 1 for a large number of keywords within the niche.

Our key players report will show you the key players of your niche, from a very wide perspective. You will be able to know who the most successful websites in the entire niche are, not just in relation to particular keywords.

Our system produces the key players report in the following way:

  1. The system makes a list of several hundreds of keywords within the niche. In some niches, this number can reach a few thousand keywords within the niche.
  2. The system takes the first keyword in the list and makes a Google search on it.
  3. The system scans the search results from Google and adds the first 10 websites that came up in the search results into its own internal database.
  4. The system takes the second keyword from the list and it repeats the same procedure. It makes a Google search, scans the search results, and adds the 10 websites for this keyword to the same internal database.
  5. The system takes the third keyword from the list and repeats the same procedure and so on. It goes on till it finishes with all the keywords in the list.

When the job is done, the internal database contains a list of the most successful websites of the niche. These are not websites that claim that they are big and successful, but rather the websites that really manage to make it to the top of Google. These are the websites that enjoy the most amount of respect from Google and they dominate the niche.

This list is ordered from the most successful website in the niche all the way to the least successful one.

This way you get an objective list of the key players of the niche according to the amount of respect that each site gets from Google.

  • Discover who your real competitors of the niche are.
  • Do a reversed engineering! Look at the top 15-20 websites that are on the top of the list. These are sites that Google is in love with. So you know for sure that they are doing something right, something that makes Google love them (it can be great content, it can be a great backlink profile, it can be fantastic social media activity, or other things they do that Google simply loves). Now all you’ve got left to do is try to implement similar features/activity for your own website, and get your website loved by Google as well!

Our key players report is great for:

  • SEO experts
  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Website owners

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