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Keyword Breaker is a set of PREMIUM reports that will show you the top keywords in your niche, what real people are asking, and what interesting facts they share! Everything is ready out of the box, no need to buy tools, pay for monthly subscriptions, or waste precious time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Keyword Breaker is not a tool, it is a set of premium reports for your niche, that you can order from us.
Learn more about the Keyword Breaker reports:
  1. The keyword research report for your niche – Click here
  2. The questions report for your niche – Click here
  3. The facts report for your niche – Click here
  4. The key players report for your niche – Click here
Want to see demo reports? Click here
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Normally, we will deliver the reports to your email within 24 to 48 hours upon your payment.

Yes, absolutely! You can use the Keyword Breaker reports manually or you can upload them directly to your WP admin dashboard. To do so, simply download the Keyword Breaker WP plugin, and follow the following instructions:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Click the “Upload Plugin” button.
  4. Navigate to the “keyword-breaker.zip” file (in your local machine) and click “Install Now”.
  5. In your WordPress admin dashboard, click the “Keyword Breaker” menu.
  6. Click the “Choose” button and navigate to the “Questions-CMS.csv” file (in your local machine) and click the “Import” button.
  7. Wait for the import process to be completed (usually two minutes).
  8. In your WordPress admin dashboard, click the “All Posts” menu, now the data is there.

Also, watch this video:

Currently, we support the following 13 languages: English, Swedish, Hebrew, Norwegian, French, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Polish, German and Italian.

Keyword research reports

Good keyword research is such that allows the user to get accurate information that he can rely on. Information that he can count on when he needs to make key SEO decisions. It is important that the information is clear, easy to understand, and that it highlights the most attractive keywords in the niche.

Good keywords are the words and phrases that enjoy a combination of a nice amount of monthly searches on Google while the organic competition for them is low.
It is also important that the keywords are relevant to the specific products and services that you want to rank for.

There are four main aspects that make our keyword research the best on the market:

  1. Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

The accuracy level of keyword research is probably the most important thing about it. When you have to make an important SEO decision, you want to know the real difficulty level for any particular keyword in your niche.

Our system checks both the saturation level for each keyword and also the real strength of the top 10 websites for the keyword. Then it calculates everything into a final keyword difficulty score that is exceptionally accurate.

  1. A lot more keywords

Our system will find an exceptionally large number of keywords within your niche, usually a lot more than the number of keywords that other tools find. You will be exposed to keywords, phrases, and ideas that you didn’t think of.

It will usually be a few hundred relevant keywords for your niche. In some big niches, this number can even reach a few thousand!

  1. Easy to use

Although our system gathers and analyzes a ton of data for each and every keyword, we simplify the report by keeping most of the technical numbers behind the scenes. We serve you the actual keyword research with the most important data for making good SEO decisions – the keywords, the search volume, and the organic completion. It looks simple and is easy to use, but it is incredibly powerful.

Also, you can export all the data directly to your WordPress admin dashboard if you’d like. You can do that by using our WordPress plugin!

  1. Ready out of the box

We save you many hours of hard work!

With our keyword research report, you don’t have to waste many working hours (and sometimes many days) to get top quality keyword research.

You get our keyword research ready out of the box, for immediate use. It is like having your cake without baking it.

Lots of time and effort goes into our keyword research in order to make it the best and most reliable on the market. We gather and analyze a huge amount of data from the web and from the major key players in the niche.

Generally, there are two main aspects that determine the organic competition level for each keyword:

  1. The overall saturation level of the keyword online.
  2. The strength of the top 10 websites that appear on Google page 1 for the keyword.

An accurate calculation of all the data that we have gathered and analyzed provides us with an exceptionally accurate indication of the keyword difficulty for each keyword. In other words, our keyword research report will show you how difficult it will be to rank your website on Google page 1 for each keyword in your niche.

To be more specific, the following is the exact steps that our system takes in order to identify the organic competition level for each keyword:

Step 1: Finding the saturation level of the keyword

Our system scans an astronomic amount of pages to uncover the number of times a particular keyword appears on web pages globally. It also counts the number of times that the keyword appears in page title tags, domain names, URLs, and anchor texts of inbound backlinks. Our systems know what “saturation weight” to provide with every location in the page. For example, a keyword that appears in the title of a page “weighs” more than a keyword that appears in the page body.


Step 2: Checking the strength of the top 10 websites for the keyword

Our system takes the keyword and makes a Google search on it to find out what 10 websites Google itself decided to rank as the best and most relevant websites for that keyword.

Then our system conducts in-depth research for each and every one of these 10 websites. The system checks the following:

  • How old is the website?
  • How many backlinks does it have?
  • What is the quality of its backlinks?
  • How much content is there on the site, of what quality?
  • What is the organic traffic volume the website has?
  • What is the overall reputation of the website online?

Again, the check is done to each and every one of the 10 websites that showed on the first page of Google for the keyword.

Step 3: Final analysis and total difficulty score

In this step, the system will stream all the data that was gathered in step 1 (saturation level data) together with all the data that was received in step 2 (strength of the top websites for the keyword) into a special algorithm that analyzes everything in an ultra-sophisticated way. In the end, we get a total keyword difficulty score presented on a scale ranging from extremely high to extremely low.

This score is exceptionally accurate, reliable, and it can help with important SEO decisions.

  • Optimize your site content correctly, use the right keywords in headers, descriptions, titles, and texts.
  • Realize what you need to add more information about.
  • Learn more about your target group’s search behavior.
  • Optimize your webpages for keywords with a nice volume of monthly searches but with low competition.
  • Use the right keywords for your backlink anchor texts.
  • Find new relevant products and services in your niche.

If you want to be seen online, our keyword research report is for you! This report is designed specifically for:

  • SEO specialists
  • Digital marketers
  • Website owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • PPC managers

Questions report

Our questions report is made of authentic questions asked by real people, not by software.

All the questions in the report are original and unique (no duplicate questions). Usually, this report will contain a few hundred questions that are very relevant to your niche. In some niches, this list can include even a few thousand questions!

Our questions report is extremely powerful because it will tell you what real people are looking for in your niche, what the hot trends are, what concerns people have, and a lot more…

You will get a lot of new ideas for quality content that can “attack” the niche from many interesting angles and make your website a place that gives a lot of value.

  • You don’t have to guess anymore! See what people are looking for in your niche. Discover what products and services interest them. See the hot trends in the niche. Find out what people are concerned about and more…
  • Get a ton of great content ideas that will “attack” the niche from many interesting angles. Such content can turn your website into a real added value source, not only in your visitor’s eyes but also in Google’s.
  • Answer common questions that people ask in your niche and win their (and Google’s) trust!
  • Import these questions directly to your WordPress admin dashboard (they will be saved as drafts) and add more content to your website, faster than ever before!
  • Using our special “questions-cms” file, you will also be able to know what particular keyword is implemented in what question. So that when you write an article that answers that question, you can focus on that keyword and rank your site for it faster than ever before.

Our niche questions report is super-efficient. Especially for people that are trying to dominate their niche. This report was designed specifically for:

  • SEO specialists
  • Digital marketers
  • Website owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Content writers

Facts reports

  • Discover interesting and important facts that you might not have known about products and services within your niche.
  • Get a lot of great ideas for content that can “attack” your niche from many different angles and can turn your website into a highly added value source.
  • Implement interesting facts in your website content to make a highly added value source for both your visitors as well as Google.

Our niche facts report is super-efficient. Especially for people that are trying to dominate their niche. This report was designed specifically for:

  • SEO specialists
  • Digital marketers
  • Website owners
  • Content writers

Key players report

Our key players report will show you the key players of your niche, from a very wide perspective. You will be able to know who the most successful websites in the entire niche are, not just in relation to particular keywords.

Our system produces the key players report in the following way:

  1. The system makes a list of several hundreds of keywords within the niche. In some niches, this number can reach a few thousand keywords within the niche.
  2. The system takes the first keyword in the list and makes a Google search on it.
  3. The system scans the search results from Google and adds the first 10 websites that came up in the search results into its own internal database.
  4. The system takes the second keyword from the list and it repeats the same procedure. It makes a Google search, scans the search results, and adds the 10 websites for this keyword to the same internal database.
  5. The system takes the third keyword from the list and repeats the same procedure and so on. It goes on till it finishes with all the keywords in the list.

When the job is done, the internal database contains a list of the most successful websites of the niche. These are not websites that claim that they are big and successful, but rather the websites that really manage to make it to the top of Google. These are the websites that enjoy the most amount of respect from Google and they dominate the niche.

This list is ordered from the most successful website in the niche all the way to the least successful one.

This way you get an objective list of the key players of the niche according to the amount of respect that each site gets from Google.

  • Discover who your real competitors of the niche are.
  • Do a reversed engineering! Look at the top 15-20 websites that are on the top of the list. These are sites that Google is in love with. So you know for sure that they are doing something right, something that makes Google love them (it can be great content, it can be a great backlink profile, it can be fantastic social media activity, or other things they do that Google simply loves). Now all you’ve got left to do is try to implement similar features/activity for your own website, and get your website loved by Google as well!

Our key players report is great for:

  • SEO experts
  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Website owners

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