General questions

What if I can not find reports for my niche?

Please contact us and let us know what niche you are active in, we can provide you with custom reports for your niche!

Who are these reports for?

Our reports are ideal for anyone who want to achieve the following 2 goals:
1) Increase the incoming traffic to the website
2) Convert that traffic into actual customers
These special reports were designs especially for Website owners, copywriters, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, online stores managers and SEO specialists.


Keyword research report

How accurate is the competition bar?

VERY accurate!
The competition bar in the keyword research report is based on a unique algorithm that we developed over the past few months, it was proven to be exceptionally accurate with a few of our own projects as well as projects that we run for some of our clients.

How many keywords will I get for my niche?

It depand on how big is the niche and how many search terms with high search volume that niche has.


Questions report report

Can I upload the questions to my CMS?

Yes, you can upload the questions to your CMS (WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/others).
Please nore that each CMS has it’s own upload methods, we recommend the WP Ultimate CSV Importer plugin for WordPress users.


Key players report

What can I learn from the key players report?

The key players report will uncover who are the REAL key players within your niche. In other words, the key players list is a list of websites that come often to Google page 1 for several search terms within the niche, which indicate high volumes of organic traffic and a lot of respect that these sites get from Google.